Dust to Dust

At the end of any phase in which the Hierophant is removed as a casualty, every unit in the army with Dust to Dust must pass a Discipline Test or lose a number of Health Points equal to the amount by which the test was failed, with no saves of any kind allowed. These lost Health Points are alloted following the rules for Unstable. The number of Health Points lost is reduced by 1 if the unit is within range of Rally Around the Flag.

At the end of the Player Turn in which the Hierophant was removed as a casualty, a new Hierophant may be selected. In order to do so, nominate a friendly Wizard Character. This Character becomes the new Hierophant.

At the start of each friendly Player Turn after the army's Hierophant has been removed as a casualty and no new Hierophant has been selected, every unit with Dust to Dust must once again pass a Discipline Test or lose Health Points as described above.