Sylvan Elves (v2020) 种族规则

Sylvan Elves (v2020)

Racial Trait Spell

施法 射程 类型 持续时间 效果
Forest Embrace Place a Forest Terrain Feature underneath the target (this can be substituted by placing a marker next to the unit).
This Forest always extends to the edges of the target’s Unit Boundary (even if the unit moves or changes formation).
[Enemy units in base contact with the target must reroll natural to-hit rolls of ‘6’.]
Mf 4+ [7+] 18" Augment 一回合

Army Organisation

  • 人物


    (40% Max )

  • 核心


    (25% Least )

  • 特殊


    (No Limit)

  • 暗箭难防


    (30% Max )

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