Magic item categories

Magic Weapon

The Blade of Realities

No armour or ward saves can be taken against Wounds caused by the Blade of Realities.

The Piranha Blade

The wielder has the Multiple Wounds (D3) and Armour Piercing special rules.

Sacred Stegadon Helm Of Itza

The wearer of the Sacred Stegadon Helm counts his armour save as being one point higher than normal. Furthermore, the Sacred Stegadon Helm grants the wearer +1 Toughness and the Impact Hits (D3) special rule.

Arcane items

Cube Of Darkness

One use only. When an enemy spell has been cast, a Wizard with the Cube of Darkness can use it instead of attempting to dispel the spell using dispel dice. If he does so, roll a D6; ontherollofa2+ the spell is automatically dispelled- otherwise the spell is resolved as normal. In either case, roll a separate D6 for every Remains in Play spell currently in effect; on a 2+ that spell automatically ends.

Plaque of Dominion

Bound spell (power level 3). The Plaque of Dominion contains a hex spell that targets all enemy Wizards within 18". The targets of this spell have the Stupidity special rule until the start of the caster’s next Magic phase.

Enchanted Item

The Cloak of Feathers

Skink character on foot only. The wearer of the Cloak of Feathers has the Fly special rule. In addition, the wearer has the M agic Resistance (1) special rule.

The Horn Of Kygor

One use only. The bearer of the Horn of Kygor can sound it at the start of any of his Movement phases. If he does so, all friendly monsters, monster mounts, monstrous beasts, monstrous cavalry mounts, cavalry mounts, chariot beasts and war beasts within 12" of the bearer have the Frenzy special rule until the start of their next Movement phase. Note that the Horn of Kygor has no effect on riders, just their mounts.

The Egg Of Quango

One use only. The Egg of Quango can be cracked open at the start of any Close Combat phase. Nominate one enemy unit in base contact with the bearer or his unit, roll a D6 and consult the table below to find out what happens. Any Wounds inflicted count towards combat results.