Magic item categories
Elfes Sylvains

Magic Weapon

The Spirit Sword

Armour saves cannot be taken against Wounds caused by the Spirit Sword. Furthermore, immediately when an enemy character, champion or monster suffers one or more unsaved Wounds from the Spirit Sword, both he and the wielder must roll 2D6 and add their respective Leadership values.

If the wounded model’s total is higher, or the totals are the same, nothing else happens.

If the wounded model’s total is lower, it immediately suffers a Wound for each point by which its total was exceeded, with no armour saves allowed.

Daith’s Reaper

All failed To H it and To Wound rolls made with Daith’s Reaper must be re-rolled, as must all successful armour saves taken against Wounds caused by this weapon.

The Bow Of Loren

The Bow ofLoren is an Asrai longbow (see page 37) with the Multiple Shots (A+ 1) special rule, which means it fires a number of shots equal to 1 plus the wielder’s Attacks characteristic. It cannot fire enchanted arrows.

Magic Armour

The Helm Of The Hunt

The wearer ofthe Helm ofthe Hunt counts his armour save as being one point higher than normal. Furthermore, the Helm ofthe Hunt grants the bearer the Devastating Charge special rule and + 1 Weapon Skill on a turn in which he charges into combat.

Enchanted Item

Acorns of The Ages

Moonstone of The Hidden Ways

Hail of Doom Arrow

Arcane items

Calaingor's Stave