At step 8 of the Pre-­Game Sequence (after Spell Selection) an army that includes units with Scout must state which of its units with Scout will use it, starting with the player that picked the Deployment Zone. Deploy your army as usual, but without deploying any of the Scouting units. These units are placed after all other non-Scouting units have been deployed. They can either be deployed in your Deployment Zone, using the normal rules, or they can be deployed outside the Deployment Zone, but must be more than 18" away from any enemy units. This is decreased to 12" if the Scouting unit is deployed entirely within a Forest, Ruins, Field, Building, or Water Terrain Feature. Scouting units that are deployed outside their player's Deployment Zone may not Declare Charges in the first Player Turn (if their side has the first turn). If both players have Scouting units, alternate deploying one unit at a time, starting with the player that finished deploying first.