Estandartes Mágicos


Ancestor Rune

Banner of Eternal Flame

Models in a unit with the Banner of Eternal Flame have Flaming Attacks.

Banner of Swiftness

Models in a unit with the Banner of Swiftness have +1 to their Movement characteristic.

War banner

A unit with this banner adds +1 to its combat result.

Rampager's standard

A unit with this Magic Standard can re-roll its charge distance dice.

Scarecrow Banner

A unit with the Scarecrow Banner causes Fear in models with the Fly special rule.

Wailing banner

A unit with this banner causes Terror in its enemies.

Two Rune Of Battle

Two Rune Of Slowness

Two Rune Of Sanctuary

Standard of Discipline

Models in a unit with the Standard of Discipline have +1 Leadership, but cannot use the General’s Inspiring Presence special rule.

Ranger’s Standard

A unit with the Ranger’s Standard has the Strider special rule.

Lichebone Pennant

Models in a unit with the Lichebone Pennant have Magic Resistance (1).

Razor Standard

Models in a unit with the Razor Standard have the Armour Piercing special rule.

Gleaming Pennant

One use only. A unit with the Gleaming Pennant can re-roll its first failed Leadership test.

La Bannière des Forts Perdus

Master Rune Of Groth One-eye

Master Rune Of Grungni

Master Rune Of Stromni Redbeard

Master Rune Of Valaya

One Rune Of Sanctuary

One Rune Of Battle

One Rune Of Slowness

Rune Of Courage

Rune Of Stoicism

Strollaz’ Rune

Three Rune Of Battle

Three Rune Of Sanctuary

Three Rune Of Slowness