No Muerto

The model gains Unstable. Models with Undead cannot perform March Moves, unless their unit starts the March Move within the range of a friendly model's Commanding Presence. The only Charge Reaction a unit with one or more models with Undead can make is Hold.
When units consisting entirely of models with Undead lose Health Points due to Unstable, the number of lost Health Points can be reduced in some situations. Apply the modifiers in the following order:
1. IftheunitisStubborn,halvethenumberoflostHealthPoints(roundfractionsup).
2. IftheunitisSteadfast,reducealllostHealthPointsabove12to12.
3. IftheunitreceivesRallyAroundtheFlag,reducethenumberoflostHealthPointswiththeunit'scurrentRank Bonus. Units with no Rank Bonus reduce the number of Health Points lost by 1 instead.
4. Applyallothermodifiers(fromSpecialEquipment,ModelRules,spells,etc.)afterwards.