Undying Dynasties (v2021 beta 2) Army book

Undying Dynasties (v2021 beta 2)

Racial Trait Spell

Undying Dynasties do not have a regular Hereditary Spell. Instead, all Death Cult Hierarchs know the Hereditary Attribute Spell Death is Only the Beginning (in addition to Path Attributes). At step 1 of each Casting Attempt of a non-Attribute non-Bound Spell of type Augment with a Death Cult Hierarch, the owner may declare that the Wizard will cast an amplified version of the spell:
• The Casting Value of the amplified version is increased by 2.
• If the amplified version is successfully cast, Death is Only the Beginning is automatically cast (as an Attribute Spell).

Casting Range Type Duration Effect
Death is Only the Beginning When resolving the spell, choose one of the following effects:
• The R&F part of the target Raises a number of Health Points equal to its Resurrected value.
• Up to one Character within the target Recovers a number of Health Points equal to its Resurrected value.

Characters and models with Towering Presence cannot Recover more than 2 Health Points from this spell in a single Magic Phase.
Mf Augment Instant

Army Organisation

  • Characters


    (40% Max)

  • Core


    (25% Least)

  • Special


    (No Limit)

  • Ancient Ordnance

    Ancient Ordnance

    (35% Max)

  • Mason's Menagerie

    Mason's Menagerie

    (35% Max)

  • Entombed


    (30% Max)

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