(A) Scarification


Last one Turn

Les Attaques de mêlée contre la cible ne peuvent jamais blesser sur mieux que 5+.

(1) Awaken the Beast

5+ [7+]



Last one Turn

The target gains +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration [+1 Resilience].

(2) Swarm of Insects

5+ [8+]

24" [48"]

Hex, Missile, Damage


Immediately after successfully casting this spell, the target suffers 5D6 hits with Strength 1, Armour Penetration 0, and Magical Attacks. If one or more unsaved wounds are caused, the target suffers -1 to hit with its Shooting Attacks. This spell is immediately ended when the target performs an Advance, March, Charge, Failed Charge, or Pursuit Move.

(3) Savage Fury

5+ [8+]

9" [18"]


Last one Turn

The target gains Frenzy and Battle Focus.

(4) Chilling Howl

6+ [10+]



Last one Turn

All units within 6" [12"] of the target when the spell is cast suffer a -1 to-wound modifier on their Shooting [Ranged] Attacks [including effects of spells cast while affected by spell effets].

(5) Totemic Summon

10+ [12+]




Summon a Totemic Beast (profile below). It must be placed within 1" [10"] of the Board Edge.

Totemic Beast (for Totemic Summon)
single model
Size Large
Type Beast
Base 40x40 mm
Global Adv Mar Dis Model Rules
3D6″ - 7 Fearless, Random Movement (3D6″)
Defensive HP Def Res Arm
3 3 5 -
Offensive Att Off Str AP Agi
4 3 5 2 3 Breath Attack (Str 3, AP 0)

(6) Break the Spirit

8+ [11+]

18" [36"]


Last one Turn

The target suffers a -1 to-hit modifier, and treats all Terrain (including Open Terrain) as Dangerous Terrain (2).