Magic item categories
Vampire Covenant

Magical Weapons

Giant Sword (Lords)

Giant Sword (Heroes)

Skull Splitter

Blade of Strife

Ogre Sword

Obsidian Sword

Fencer's Swords - models on foot only

Axe of Battle

King Slayer

Beast-Bane Halberd

Sword of Haste


Blessed Sword

Sword of Strength

Sword of Skill

Flaming Lance

Screaming Swords

Razor Blade

Hero’s Sword (Heroes) - Characters only

Hero’s Sword (Lord) - Characters only

Blade of Red Thirst - Vampires only

Bow of Nepharet

Magical Armour

Armour of Destiny

Bluffer's Helm - cannot be taken by Large Targets

Armour of Fortune

Mithril Mail - models on foot only (Lords)

Glittering Cuirass

Bronze Breastplate

Dragon Mantle - models on foot only

Gambler's Armour

Dragonscale Helm

Hardened Shield

Lucky Shield

Mithril Mail - models on foot only (Heroes)

Force Shield

Red Plate of Gilles de Raux


Talisman of Supreme Shielding

Sprout of Rebirth

Obsidian Nullstone

Dusk Stone

Obsidian Rock

Talisman of Greater Shielding

Gemstone Amulet

Obsidian Pebble

Lucky Charm

Dragonfire Gem

Talisman of Shielding

Mantle of Night - models on foot only

Enchanted Items

Flying Carpet - models on foot only (Lords)

Wizard's Hood

Crystal Ball

Sceptre of Dominion

Gem of Fortune

Ring of Fire

Potion of Strength

Charm of Cursed Iron

Divine Icon

Potion of Swiftness

Crown of Scorn

Flying Carpet - models on foot only (Heroes)

Tullius’ Teeth

Arcane Items

Essence of a Free Mind (Lords)

Essence of a Free Mind (Heroes)

Backlash Scroll

Book of Arcane Power (Lords)

Book of Arcane Power (Heroes)

Dispel Scroll

Tome of Arcane Lore (Lords)

Grounding Rod (Lords)

Grounding Rod (Heroes)

Sceptre of Power (Lords)

Sceptre of Power (Heroes)

Binding Scroll

Shielding Scroll

Wand of Stability

Tome of Arcane Lore (Heroes)

Eye of Setesh

Unholy Tome

Staff of the Vengeful Dead