The Sacrifice: When casting a non-Bound Spell from this Path, immediately after the casting roll, but before any Dispelling Attempt, the Active Player may choose the Caster’s unit or another friendly unengaged unit within 24″.
A unit may only be chosen once per phase. The chosen unit suffers X hits that wound automatically with Armour Penetration 10 and Magical Attacks, and with no saves of any kind allowed, where X is determined by the Discipline value of the largest fraction of models in the unit, ignoring all Discipline modifiers. In case of a tie, use the lower value:
• 0 to 4: 3 hits
• 5 to 7: 2 hits
• 8 to 10: 1 hit
Any Health Point loss from The Sacrifice that would remove the last model of the chosen unit as a casualty is discarded.
These Health Points losses never cause Panic Tests.
If at least one Health Point loss was caused, the spell is cast with the {amplified} version. In that case, use any text marked with {}.

(1) Pentagram of Pain

|Hex|, |Direct|, [Universal], |Damage|
The target suffers D6 hits with Strength 4, Armour Penetration 1, and Magical Attacks.
[The Caster's unit is unaffected.]
{If one or more unsaved wounds are caused with this spell, the Caster Recovers 1 Health Point.}

(2) Hand of Glory

6+ [8+]
Caster [12"]
[Augment], Focused
Last one Turn
[This spellmay only target Characters, Champions, and single model units.]
The target {and all models in its unit} gain Aegis (6+) and Aegis (+1, max 3+).

(3) The Rot Within

The target suffers -1 Offensive Skill and -1 Defensive Skill.
{The Caster gains +1 Offensive Skill and +1 Defensive Skill.}

(4) Breath of Corruption

6+ [9+]
Caster [12"]
[Augment], Focused
Last one Turn
The target gains Breath Attack (Magical Attacks, Toxic Attacks).
[This spell may only target Characters, Champions, and single model units.]
{If the Breath Attack is used as a Shooting Attack, its range is increased to 18″.}

(5) Marked for Doom

Hex, Damage, Direct
The target suffers 1 hit with Strength 10, Armour Penetration 10, Multiple Wounds (D3), and Magical Attacks.
{If the target is within 12" of the Caster, the spell targets a single Character or Champion joined to the target unit.}

(6) The Grave Calls

Hex, Damage, Direct
The target suffers 2D6 hits with Strength 5, Armour penetration 2, and Magical Attacks.
{The hits gain +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration.}