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You can now use all the features of 9ThBuilder without having to create an account first. Be careful however, your lists are linked to your local session and therefore will not be available on another browser and may be lost if you delete your cache or your session.

Who are we?

A passionate of Battle since many years. I took the 9Th Builder since several years, creates a mobile application and helps the 9Th Age administration. Helped by Kaos War who greatly contributed to enter army lists and for the new homePage. 9Th Builder is an effective and easy-to-use tool for creating your army lists and sharing them. It does not generate any income :)


Update 9ThBuilder 28/02


A new version of the creation of the Draft (pairing) has just been published, we can now pair up to 10. (It's big but it's a request I had received in the past ^^)
It is also possible to add the name of the player on each army and this will also appear at the end on the summary table
And we will soon also be able to add the maps we want during pairing to assign them randomly

Fixes have been put on the server when creating lists
The export has also received some changes to be clearer regarding the enchantments on each weapon and the update of the profile (pdf and text)

Update in progress

I am updating the databasse, this must be without problem

Good bye :)

Update KoE Beta 1


The last version of KoE is available :)

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