Infernalische Zwerge (v2021 beta 1) Army book

Infernalische Zwerge (v2021 beta 1)

Racial Trait Spell

This spell can only be cast by models with Infernal Brand.

Gießen Angebot Art Dauer Bewirken
Curse of Nezibkesh The target gains 1 Incendiary marker. In addition, the target suffers −1 Offensive Skill and Defensive Skill {and an additional −1 for every Incendiary marker on the target (if the number of markers changes, so will the modifier)} until the start of the next friendly Magic Phase, up to a maximum of −3.
Mf {6+} {7+} {36"} {18"} Verhexen Permanent


  • Charaktermodelle


    (40% Max)

  • Kern


    (25% Least)

  • Elite


    (No Limit)

  • Instruments of Destruction

    Instruments of Destruction

    (30% Max)

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