Model Rules
Beast Herds



Units with this rule may gain one of two different sets of effects depending on whether they show up Sober or Drunk on the Battlefield.

The Drunkard unit is miraculously sober for once. Sober models gain Vanguard and Light Troops. A unit that has been Sober once loses Scoring for the rest of the game.

The Drunkard unit is unbelievably drunk. Drunk models gain Immune to Psychology and Thunderous Charge. Drunk units cannot Ambush.

The player must choose before the battle whether a Drunkard unit is Sober or Drunk. Drunk Characters cannot join units containing any Sober models, and vice-versa (models without Drunkard are considered neither Drunk or Sober).

Looted Booze

One use only. A unit with one or more models with this rule may change from Sober to Drunk at the beginning of any Player Turn.

Half Horse

Stomp hits can never be distributed to a model with this rule.

Primal Instinct

At the start of each Round of Combat, each unit with one or more models with this special rule must take a Leadership Test. If passed, model parts with this special rule must reroll failed to-hit rolls during that Round of Combat.

Pack Tactics

Models with this rule gain Swiftstride as long as their unit is charging into an enemy unit ’s flank or rear.

Strider (Forest)

Models with this special rule may ignore any movement effect caused by Terrain except Impassable Terrain and Buildings and never lose their Steadfast or Rank Bonus due to Terrain. Sometimes this special rule is only linked to a specific type of Terrain, stated in brackets. In this case, the Strider rule effectis only applied in relation to the specified Terrain type.