Judgement on High: When casting non-Bound Spells from this Path, all Magic Dice that result in ‘1’ must be rerolled.
Dice causing a Miscast cannot be rerolled. If a Caster Miscasts when casting a spell from this Path, add a +1 Miscast

(1) Hand of Heaven

5+ [8+]
Hex, Missile, Damage
Last one Turn
The target suffers D6 [D6+1] hits with Strength D6 [D6+1], Armour Penetration 2 [3], and Magical Attacks.
Roll once for the number of hits and once for the Strength and apply the rolled Strength value to all hits

(2) Smite the Unbeliever

6+ [9+]
Last one Turn
Immediately after successfully casting this spell, roll a D6.
[Choose which effect to apply when casting the spell.]
- If 1-3 is rolled, the target suffers -1 Resilience.
- If 4-6 is rolled, the target suffers -1 Strength and -1 Armour Penetration.

(3) Speaking in Tongues

Last one Turn
The target must take a Discipline Test:
• If the test is passed, the target gains Fearless.
• If the test is failed, the target becomes Shaken.

(4) Cleansing Fire

5+ [8+]
Caster [18"]
[Augment], Focused
The target gains Breath Attack (Strength D3+2, Armour Penetration 1, Magical Attacks).
(Roll the D3 immediately after successfully casting this spell.)
[This spell may only target Characters, Champions, and single model units.]

(5) Wrath of God

Place a counter on the target point.
At the end of each subsequent Magic Phase roll a D6:
• If 1–3 is rolled, nothing happens.
• If 4–6 is rolled, each unit within 2D6″ suffers 2D6 hits with Strength 5, Armour Penetration 2, and Magical Attacks.
If a unit fails a Panic Test forced by the spell, it Flees directly away from the marked point (for all other rules, the Caster is considered to be the attacker).
The spell then ends.

(6) Trial of Faith

7+ [10+]
12" [18"]
Hex, Missile, Damage, Focused, Direct
The Caster rolls D3+1 and the target rolls D3. If the Caster’s roll is higher, the target suffers a number of hits equal to the difference between their respective rolls. These hits wound automatically with Armour Penetration 10 and Magical Attacks.