Estandartes Mágicos

Ogre Kingdoms

Banner of Eternal Flame

Models in a unit with the Banner of Eternal Flame have Flaming Attacks.

Banner of Swiftness

Models in a unit with the Banner of Swiftness have +1 to their Movement characteristic.

War banner

A unit with this banner adds +1 to its combat result.

Rampager's standard

A unit with this Magic Standard can re-roll its charge distance dice.

Dragonhide Banner

Models in a unit with the Dragonhide Banner can re-roll all To Hit, To Wound and saving throw rolls of 1 on the turn they make a successful charge. In addition, the bearer of the banner can use it to unleash an icy blast. This is a Strength 3 Breath Weapon. A unit hit by the icy blast has the Always Strikes Last special rule until the end of its next turn.

Scarecrow Banner

A unit with the Scarecrow Banner causes Fear in models with the Fly special rule.

Wailing banner

A unit with this banner causes Terror in its enemies.

Standard of Discipline

Models in a unit with the Standard of Discipline have +1 Leadership, but cannot use the General’s Inspiring Presence special rule.

Ranger’s Standard

A unit with the Ranger’s Standard has the Strider special rule.

Lichebone Pennant

Models in a unit with the Lichebone Pennant have Magic Resistance (1).

Razor Standard

Models in a unit with the Razor Standard have the Armour Piercing special rule.

Gleaming Pennant

One use only. A unit with the Gleaming Pennant can re-roll its first failed Leadership test.

Rune Maw

When any spell targeting a unit with the Rune Maw is successfully cast, roll a D6. On a roll of 2+, the caster must choose a new target for the spell. If no other target is available (because no other target is in range of all eligible units have already been targeted, for example), then the spell is wasted but still counts as having been cast. Spells that do not specifically target the unit are not affected by the Rune Maw.