A unit with at least half its models with Frenzy cannot choose Flee as Charge Reaction, and when taking Discipline Tests, apply the following:
- If it is a Panic Test, Decimated Test or Fear Test: the unit gains +2 Discipline.
- If it is a Break Test, roll the test as normal.
- If it is anyother Discipline Test, the unit suffers -2Discipline.
At the start of the Charge Phase, each of your units with at least one model with Frenzy that could Declare a Charge against an enemy unit within the unit's Advance Rate +7" (using the lowest Advance Rate among the unit's models; if a model has more than 1 Advance Rate available, use the highest one) must take a Discipline Test, called a Frenzy Test. If the test is failed, the whole unit must Declare a Charge this Player Turn. Note that Characters are never forced to charge out of their units.