Standard magici

Elfi del Terrore

Icona d'etere

The bearer can make Dispel Attempts as if it was a Wizard Master.

Stendardo del sangue

Any model parts with Killer Instinct in the bearer’s unit may reroll failed to-wound rolls of '1' and '2' in Close Combat.

Insegna della disciplina

The bearer's unit automatically passes all Panic Tests.

Stendardo di Gar Daecos

Lord of Dread with Fleet Commander only
Corsairs and Dread Legionnaires in units within 6" of the bearer gain a +1 to-wound modifier in Close Combat.

Insegna della velocit

The bearer's unit gains +1 Movement.

Insegna lacerante

All non-character models in the bearer’s unit gain Armour Piercing (1).

War Standard

The bearer's unit adds +1 to the Combat Score of any combat they are involved in.

Stendardo dell'oppressore

The bearer’s unit gains Strider and Swiftstride.

Stendardo infuocato

The bearer's unit automatically passes all Panic Tests.

Gleaming Icon

One use only. Must be activated the first time the bearer's unit fails a Leadership Test. The unit may reroll the failed test.

Icon of the Relentless Company

One use only. Activate at the start of any of your Remaining Moves sub-phases. Infantry models in the bearer's unit can triple its Movement when Marching instead of doubling it this turn. This March Move cannot be longer than 15" and cannot be used in Game Turn 1 if the unit has used Vanguard or Scout.