Undying Dynasties - Barrow Legion (v2020) Army book

Undying Dynasties - Barrow Legion (v2020)

Racial Trait Spell

Undying Dynasties do not have a Hereditary Spell. Instead, all Death Cult Hierarchs know the Hereditary Attribute Spell Death is Only the Beginning (in addition to Path Attributes). Whenever the Wizard successfully casts a non-Attribute non-Bound Spell of Type Augment, the Hereditary Attribute is automatically cast.

getto Gamma Tipo Durata Effetto
Death is Only the Beginning This spell targets a single unit that was also the target of the spell that triggered the Hereditary Attribute Spell.
This target Raises a number of Health Points equal to the Resurrected value of the R&F models in the unit. If the target contains any Characters, you may instead choose a single Character in it. This Character Raises a number of Health Points equal to its Resurrected value.
Characters and models with Towering Presence cannot Raise more than 2 Health Points in each Magic Phase from Death is Only the Beginning.
Mf Aumentare Immediato

Army Organisation

  • Personaggi


    (40% Max)

  • Base


    (25% Least)

  • Speciale


    (No Limit)

  • Antico armamento

    Antico armamento

    (35% Max)

  • Serraglio di pietra

    Serraglio di pietra

    (35% Max)

  • Sepolti


    (30% Max)

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