Ferite Multiple

Attacks & Weapons, Melee
Unsaved wounds caused by the attacks are multiplied into the value given in brackets (X). If the value is a dice (e.g. Multiple Wounds (D3)), roll one dice for each unsaved wound with Multiple Wounds. The amount of wounds that the attack is multiplied into can never be higher than the Health Points Characteristic of the target (excluding Health Points lost previously in the battle). For example, if a Multiple Wounds (D6) attack wounds a unit of Trolls (HP 3) and rolls a '5' for the multiplier, the number of unsaved wounds is reduced to 3, even if the Troll unit has already lost one or two Health Points previously in battle.
If Clipped Wings is stated after the X value in brackets, any unsaved wound caused by the attack against a model with Fly is multiplied into X+1 instead of X.