Salva di copertura

Attack Attribute - Shooting.
When an enemy unit declares a Charge against another unit containing one or more models with Martial Discipline in the Charge Phase, a single friendly unit containing one or more models with Cover Volley may immediately perform a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction with the following conditions and restrictions:
• The distance between the Charger and the Charged unit must be greater than the Charger’s Advance Rate (using the lowest value among the Charging models if there is more than one).
• The unit with Cover Volley is within 12″ of the Charged unit.
• Only model parts with Cover Volley may shoot, and they may only shoot once per Charge Phase.
• The unit must use Stand and Shoot before the Charged unit declares its Charge Reaction. If the Charge is no longer possible after the unit’s Stand and Shoot (e.g. due to the Charging unit being destroyed or failing a Panic Test), the Charged unit does not declare any Charge Reaction.
• The Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction is performed as if the enemy had declared the Charge against the unit with Cover Volley in their current position (apply the normal rules for the Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction, i.e. the Charging unit must be Located in the Front Arc of the unit with Cover Volley, the unit with Cover Volley cannot be Shaken or Fleeing, etc.).