The unit cannot be joined by any Characters, and it may never have more ranks than files. When the unit fails a Break Test, it does not perform the extra Close Combat Attacks from Path of the Exiled. Instead replace each model of the unit with a Wretched One model after step 8 of the Round of Combat Sequence (after taking Panic Tests): • The unit with Damnation is considered destroyed and its models are considered to be removed as casualties. • Each Wretched One model is placed in the same position and facing the same direction as the replaced model, even if the replaced model was in base contact with an enemy unit. In this case, the Wretched One model is placed in base contact with the enemy unit too. • The Wretched One models form a new unit. • The Wretched One unit follows the rules for Summoned Units, except that it ignores the Unit Spacing rule when placed on the Battlefield. • The Wretched One unit cannot perform any Combat Reforms during that Round of Combat, however the enemy units can do so as normal. • Note that the following Round of Combat is not considered the First Round of Combat for the Wretched One unit nor the enemy units it is Engaged with.